Gamblers Book Shop

Gamblers Book Shop

The Gamblers Book Shop offers a large supply of gambling books, software, and videos regarding math, probabilities and biographies. The store has thousands of books covering over 30 different areas of gambling related subjects. The shop also has a computer available to demonstrate software capabilities before shoppers make a purchase. Shoppers can also find guides on Las Vegas travel and casinos.

The store has Blackjack strategy cards, dealer supplies, chips, chip cases, poker supplies and playing cards.

In 1964, John Luckman and his wife Edna opened the "Gambler's Book Club." The idea was to create a place where gamblers could gather, shop, visit and exchange and share tips to win at the casino or the track. John and Edna started a publishing company in 1968. The Gambler's Book Club has published over 125 titles including the first books of some of well-known authors. The store has also acted as a pre-production advisor to Hollywood movies, TV shows, and documentaries about gambling.

Visiting Gamblers Book Shop

630 South 11th Street
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Toll Free: 1-800-522-1777

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