Ethel M Chocolate Factory | The Best Chocolate Experience in Las Vegas

by Denise Marie

Located just outside of Las Vegas, the Ethel M Chocolate Factory produces gourmet chocolate for the local marketplace. This facility offers self-guided tours for visitors who’d like to see how the candy is made. The Ethel M company manufactures a variety of dark and milk chocolates with premium fillings, such as peanut butter, pecan and lemon. An on-site botanical garden, cafe and gift shop are some other highlights of the chocolate factory.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

The Ethel M Chocolate Factory tasting room

Factory Highlights

The Ethel M Chocolate Factory owns and manages the Cactus Garden, a 3-acre botanical oasis that’s one of the largest of its kind in the American Southwest region. Visitors can stroll meandering trails that are surrounded by more than 300 species of succulents and cacti. Most of the plants at this desert-type garden are native to Nevada and Arizona. Some of the species at the Cactus Garden are imported from Australia and South America.

After admiring the botanical attraction, you can enjoy light treats at the Cactus Garden Cafe. This modern eatery serves the pecan brittle Mojave milkshake, espressos and other refreshing beverages. You can also taste some of the cafe’s signature fresh-made bites, like the chocolate-covered oranges and strawberries. Handmade brownies and cupcakes with seasonal flavors are also sold at the signature cafe.

If you’re interested in exploring the behind-the-scenes action at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, take the self-guided Viewing Aisle tour. As you navigate the facility, you’ll see experienced chocolatiers at work. You’ll also view the automated procedures that yield large batches of chocolate candies that eventually end up at regional stores. After the tour, you’ll probably develop some cravings for the company’s famous treats. Fortunately, the on-site Chocolate Shoppe is stocked with the latest selections of chocolate candies with delicious fillings, such as butter pecan and creme.

Do you want to learn more about the company? Take the Chocolate Tasting Class. Some of the sessions focus on the subtle details relating to the taste, texture and other characteristics of the candy. Wine tasting is also integrated into some of the classes at this chocolate factory.

Location and How To Get There

Situated in the northern end of Henderson, the Ethel M Chocolate Factory is just a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip. Free on-site parking is accessible just off Sunset Way. You can also take the Regional Transportation Commission 212 bus and get off on East Sunset Road. Interstate 515 links downtown Las Vegas with this commercialized area of Henderson.

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