The Fremont Street Experience

by VJ Team

While the majority of the action in Las Vegas occurs on the Strip, the rest is happening at the Fremont Street Experience. This downtown area is considered Old Vegas because it is here that most of the major players in town got their start. The Fremont Street Experience is five square blocks of outdoor shopping, restaurants, and attractions. It’s located on Fremont Street between Las Vegas Boulevard and Main Street. You’ll know you’ve reached it once you see a barrel vault canopy that’s four blocks long. What makes the Fremont Street Experience a true attraction for visitors is the collection of events that happen all year-round.


One of the main attractions is the Viva Vision LED display. It’s considered a must-visit for tourists new to the area. It’s a huge LED display that features a high-tech light shows ran through the Viva Vision Screen. The screen has a 550,000-watt speaker and features over 12.5 million LED lights. The next big draw is the SlotZilla zip line which offers an outdoor ride that can be fun for the whole family. This slot machine-inspired zip line attraction stretches two different routes that range between 77 and 114 feet. Guests will be able to look down on the Fremont Street Experience from above as they fly through the air. Lastly, we suggest heading to the Neon Museum. It’s a non-profit museum that collects and preserves pieces of local history, for educational, historical, arts and cultural enrichment. There are guided tours, photo shoots and event bookings available, and guests should set aside at least two hours to enjoy everything on display.


The Fremont Street Experience features various places to dine out that are suitable for different needs and price points. The Triple 7 Restaurant & Microbrewery, located on North Main Street in the Main Street Station Casino Brewery Hotel, is one of the most popular semi-casual dining options. It offers high-end craft beers and easy-to-eat comfort food set within a microbrewery layout. Higher end diners will want to take a trip to the Redwood Steakhouse right down the street in the California Hotel & Casino. The Redwood Steakhouse is closed on Wednesday and Thursday but otherwise offers some of the finest steak dishes in the neighborhood. Finally, the California Noodle House is a popular destination for casual eaters who want high quality Asian fusion food on a budget, especially for their Korean tacos.

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