Neon Museum | Las Vegas History Through Neon

by Denise Marie

Established in the 1990’s in downtown Las Vegas, NV, the Neon Museum has an extensive collection of neon signs that once illuminated the city’s casinos and other businesses. Today, the museum is also part of a public art trail that runs from downtown to the Las Vegas Strip.

Click to visit the Neon Museum website

Click to visit the Neon Museum website

Collection Highlights

The main building at the Neon Museum is part of the La Concha Motel, which was originally built in the early 1960’s along the southbound side of Las Vegas Boulevard. Having a distinct parabolic facade with futuristic elements, the motel’s innovative architecture is attributed to Paul Revere Williams. Unfortunately, the historic motel was demolished in 2005 to make way for other modern developments. The Neon Museum acquired the motel’s unique lobby and several signs before the demolition.

After exploring the La Concha lobby, visitors could check out the Neon Boneyard Main Collection. This outdoor exhibit includes more than 200 neon signs that once stood throughout Las Vegas. For example, the Neon Boneyard includes a gigantic guitar-shaped sign from the iconic Hard Rock Cafe. This section of the museum also features a neon sign of the Riviera Hotel, which stood next to the original La Concha Motel.

The North Gallery presents plenty of other signature neon signs from the city’s casinos, resorts, restaurants and other businesses. Standing above a grassy median that divides Las Vegas Boulevard, the Silver Slipper sign points towards the museum. This gigantic shoe-shaped sign was taken from the Silver Slipper Casino, which opened its doors on the Las Vegas Strip in the early 1950’s.

The museum roughly marks the northern end of the Restored Las Vegas Neon Signs Tour, which is a public arts initiative. Visitors who follow this urban tour will see nine signature signs in the downtown district and on the Strip. Most of the refurbished installations stand on Las Vegas Boulevard. The self-guided walking tour ends near the Landmark Sign at the corner of Paradise Road and Sahara Avenue.

Location and Travel Advice

Situated on Las Vegas Boulevard North in downtown Las Vegas, NV, the Neon Museum is easily accessible by car and public transportation. Bus route 113 of RTC Transit stops on the northbound and southbound sides of the busy boulevard near the museum. If the on-site parking is full, additional space is available at the adjacent Harris Avenue parking lot. Additionally, this specialty museum is within walking distance of hotels and casinos on the historic Fremont Street in the heart of downtown.

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Fabulous Las Vegas Sign | Welcoming Visitors Since 1959

by Denise Marie

The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign welcomes visitors into the Las Vegas Strip. This iconic neon sign is a popular stopping point for anyone who’d like to take some memorable photos in Sin City.

History, Fun Facts and Experience

Architect Betty Willis designed the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign in the late 1950’s. She was commissioned by businessman Ted Rogich to create a unique installation to welcome visitors to the rapidly growing city. Rogich was fascinated by the array of neon signs that were installed on the city’s signature casinos, nightclubs and other venues that thrived at night. The generous Willis donated the sign to the city, so she never filed for any copyright claims. Rogich paid Willis approximately $4,000 for the project that would eventually become a local landmark.

Today, the Young Electric Sign Company claims official ownership of this signature neon sign. However, Clark County leases the sign from the YESC. In 2008, local municipal leaders approved the opening of a parking lot near this attraction, which was fairly inaccessible off the busy Las Vegas Boulevard. Since then, the paved walkways and parking lot have allowed visitors to spend lots of time near the sign without significant queues or crowding.

The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign has a vertical height of approximately 25 feet, and it measures about 40 feet in width. Traditional incandescent light bulbs illuminate the edges of the sign at night. Facing southbound traffic, the back end of the sign reads “Drive Carefully Come Back Soon” in red and blue. Tall palm trees, resorts on The Strip and airplanes at McCarran International Airport create great backgrounds for photos that are taken near the sign.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Sign

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Location and How to Get There

The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign stands on a median that divides the northbound and southbound lanes of Las Vegas Boulevard South. This famous landmark unofficially marks the southern tip of the Strip. Connecting The Strip with the Downtown district, the SDX and DUECE bus routes stop near this signature sign. You may also take the 104 bus line to this iconic installation.

Notable resorts that are within walking distance from the sign include the Four Seasons and Mandalay Bay. If you’re driving by car, follow Interstate 15 to exit 36, which leads to Russell Road. The attraction is located near the corner of this road and South Las Vegas Boulevard South. Free parking is accessible from the southbound lanes of the busy boulevard.

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The Mob Museum | Presents a History of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement

by Denise Marie

Located in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, The Mob Museum presents the history of organized crime in the United States. Housed in a historic Neoclassical building that was once a courthouse, the museum features more than a dozen permanent exhibits on American mobs. Click to book admission to The Mob Museum.


The first floor of The Mob Museum features the 100 Years of Made Men exhibit. Crude Mugshots, elegant portraits and undercover photos of infamous American criminals are displayed at this gallery. The Wall of Infamy highlights key individuals who shaped the growth of major American cities, including Las Vegas. At Listening In, you can tune into recordings of mobsters and their affiliates. The Organized Crime Today exhibit focuses on the contemporary criminal enterprises in America and worldwide.

Other highlights on the first level of the museum include the Firearm Training Simulator and Crime Lab Experience. Both facilities provide behind-the-scenes views of law enforcement. Carbon-powered firearms allow guests to take aim at wall-mounted targets. Forensic criminal analysis is also covered in the genuine lab-type setting.

Mob’s Greatest Hits is installed on the second level of The Mob Museum. This gallery includes authentic weapons that have been recovered from arrested mobsters. Pistols with silencers and poison-filled vials are on display at this section. The second floor also includes the Web of Deceit and Open City exhibits. Additionally, you can learn about the Kefauver Hearings that focused on nationwide organized crime in the 1950’s.

The third level of the building has original artifacts relating to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, which occurred in Chicago in 1929. A brick wall from the infamous crime scene is featured in the exhibit. Other galleries on the upper level include the Feds Fight Back, Follow the Money and Tough Little Town. Deals

Location and How to Get There

The Mob Museum stands on Stewart Avenue in downtown Las Vegas, NV. Hourly rates are charged for the museum’s on-site parking lot, and there are plenty of parking options available at neighboring casinos and shopping centers.

Offering fare-free service, the Downtown Loop stops near this attraction and other major local venues, such as the Fremont Street Experience. This shuttle also serves the Bonneville Transit Center, which has several platforms for Regional Transportation Commission buses. Some of the RTC buses at this transfer hub link the downtown area with the Las Vegas Strip.

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