Clark County Wetlands Park

Occupying 2,900 acres just outside of the Las Vegas Strip, Clark County Wetlands Park is a sanctuary for wild animals and people. Visitors can enjoy miles of paved trails at this tranquil space that's nested between urban communities. The Nature Center has exhibits and other facilities to educate residents or tourists. From horseback riding and bicycling to hiking and wildlife watching, there are plenty of great outdoor activities to enjoy at this municipal park. Click to book your Las Vegas tours.

Trails Deals
If you want to take a short stroll near the Nature Center, follow the Vern's Pond Trail. This 0.1-mile trail encircles a small pond that's lined with dense foliage. Spanning approximately 0.3 miles, the Cottonwood Trail will lead you just north of the Nature Center. You can explore the Middle Ponds at the end of this short path. Crossing the shallow Las Vegas Wash, the Weir Bridge offers panoramic views of the park. This charming bridge is also connected to the Monson Trail/Wetlands Loop. Click to book your Las Vegas tours. Located just steps away from the bridge, the Wildlife Blind overlooks the North Pond. You can also explore the Boardwalk Pond Trail that runs between the Lower West Pond and Upper West Pond. Most of the paved trails at this county park permit bicyclists and leashed dogs. However, the Nature Preserve is only open to pedestrians. If you're looking for intensive hiking, try the 13-mile Wetlands Loop. Starting at the Nature Preserve, this loop's Mile 7 marker is located at Terraza Park, which is situated on the southern banks of the Las Vegas Wash. The Mile 13 Marker of the loop is situated at the grounds of the Sam Boyd Stadium. The Duckcreek, Pabco and Wells trailheads connect the Wetlands Loop with various other points in Las Vegas and Henderson. The terrain surrounding the county park is mostly flat, so you don't have to worry about bringing gear for navigating steep gradients. Tree cover is limited along the lengthy trails, so bring the appropriate supplies to stay hydrated and safe from heat exhaustion.

Facilities and Amenities

Clark County Wetlands Park Nature Center is a modern facility that educates visitors about local geography and wildlife. Approximately 10,000 sq feet of floor space is dedicated to permanent exhibits relating to the beautiful natural and constructed wonders of Southern Nevada. For example, you'll see colorful dioramas featuring animals and plants that are native to the Mojave Desert. Some of the galleries focus on the history of local landmarks and settlements, like the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas Strip. You can also watch movies and other multimedia presentations at the auditorium near the main exhibit hall. Furnished with cafeteria-style tables and chairs for large groups, the air-conditioned Indoor Picnic Cafe is open for lunch. There aren't any food vendors at this cafe because of the bring your own food (BYOF) policy.

Visiting Clark County Wetlands Park

Clark County Wetlands Park is located in the southeastern portion of Las Vegas, Nevada. This tranquil sanctuary is only a short drive away from the lively Las Vegas Strip. East Tropicana Avenue directly links this county park with the city's largest casinos and resorts. Boulder Highway connects the green space with the downtown district. You can enter the attraction's main parking lot from Wetlands Park Lane or Dragonfly Divide. Having a semicircular layout, this parking lot is conveniently located near the Nature Center. Additional parking is available at the Monson Trailhead on Hollywood Circle. The RTC 201 bus can drop you off just a few blocks away from the park.

Location: 7050 East Wetlands Park Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89122

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7050 East Wetlands Park Lane

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