CSI: The Experience

Located at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas , CSI: The Experience is an interactive exhibit that mimics a popular TV show series. At this attraction, you'll have the chance to become a forensic investigator for a day. From toxicology and blood splatter analysis to pathology and latent prints, various fields of forensics are covered at this venue. Click to book your CSI: The Experience admission ticket.


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You'll begin your mission at CSI: The Experience by watching some introductory videos in a virtual briefing room. The guest speakers in the clips provide some basic tips for your temporary role of a crime scene investigator. Three different crime scenes are available at this attraction. Each setting has realistic installations that have been carefully constructed by professionals from numerous industries, including Hollywood and forensics. Click to buy your Las Vegas monorail pass. A House Collided includes a car that has crashed through the living room of a suburban home. The motionless driver of the vehicle sits behind the steering wheel. You must collect the appropriate evidence and figure out what caused the crash. If you take on the Who Got Served? mystery, you'll see a deceased young lady in a dark alley behind a small motel. Surrounded by dumpsters, the poor victim wears a traditional waitress uniform. Your job is to find out the identity of the customer who killed the unsuspecting worker. The No Bones About It exhibit includes a human skull and other bones buried in a remote canyon in the American Southwest.


CSI: The Experience allows you to collect realistic samples and other pieces of evidence for comprehensive analysis. For example, you'll collect fragments of bullets and casings, which must be linked to a particular type of firearm. Hair samples could be collected for DNA analysis in virtual labs. As a forensic expert, you'll analyze the patterns of blood splashes, fingerprints and other physical markings at the crime scene. Click to book your CSI: The Experience admission ticket. In addition to gathering tangible evidence, you'll receive some background information on each victim and some of the potential suspects. More than a dozen suspects will be considered for each mystery. Many of the stations at the galleries include multimedia presentations that provide hints and clues for your forensic analysis. For example, you might get a testimony from a forensic pathologist or firearms specialist. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to participate in CSI: The Experience. Teenagers are encouraged to complete the activities under the supervision of a parent or adult guardian. Some of the crime scenes and content at the exhibits might be offensive and gruesome, so guests should use the appropriate discretion before entry.

Visiting CSI: The Experience

CSI: The Experience is located in the Underground across from Brad Garrett's Comedy Club and Ticket Office. It's the pathway from the hotel lobby to the parking garage. The Underground also features shopping, dining and more entertainment. A pedestrian bridge also connects the property with the Las Vegas Monorail MGM Grand Station. Bus transportation by the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) is readily available near the MGM Grand. Running along Tropicana Avenue, the 201 and WAX buses stop near the south section of the parking garage. The SDX and DEUCE buses can drop you off near the hotel's entrances on Las Vegas Boulevard. Click to book your CSI: The Experience admission ticket.

Location: 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89109

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3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
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