Dig This!

Situated just outside the Las Vegas Strip, Dig This! allows you to operate bulldozers and excavators for fun. This outdoor property is essentially a giant sandbox for adults who want to realize their childhood dreams involving powerful construction machinery and equipment. You don't have to be an engineer or construction worker to get a blast at this thrilling attraction. Click to book your Dig This! admission.


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Dig This! owns several Caterpillar D5G bulldozers that are engineered for heavy-duty tasks. These industry-leading models have tremendous capabilities on construction sites. When you get inside the cabin of the versatile bulldozer, you could move and manipulate dirt in a goal-oriented way. Click to buy your Las Vegas monorail pass. For example, some of the challenges include the construction of mounds and movement of giant tires. You also have the chance to engage in a freestyle play on the grounds of this enormous sandbox. Also manufactured by Caterpillar, the 315C excavators are available for reservation. You'll most likely start the adventure by digging some trenches as a warm-up exercise. Once you've mastered this basic task, you could move on to more challenging duties. For instance, you could create some hoops from massive tires. Once the tires are properly stacked, you can play a construction-site version of basketball. A session in the bulldozer or excavator lasts up to 90 minutes. If you're not comfortable with handling the full-size 315C model, then sign up for the Mini Excavator package. This fun session lasts for up to 70 minutes in a climate-controlled cabin with user-friendly control panels. Also lasting for 70 minutes, the Skid Steer Track Loader Experience gives you access to a compact bulldozer. The Aggression Session allows you to take out some anger and stress in a fun way. When you take command of a giant Caterpillar excavator, you'll have the freedom to crush and smash a car into pieces. The duration for this adrenaline-pumping activity is 30 minutes. Groups sessions are available for corporate team-building, private parties and other gatherings of friends and family members. Up to 18 people can simultaneously participate in some of the thrilling activities that are offered at this adult playground. Every individual has the chance to control a machine of his or her choice for up to an hour.

Tips and Rules

The minimum age requirement for operating a bulldozer at Dig This! is 12. Customers must be over the age of 14 to participate in the excavator sessions. Children over the age of eight are allowed to play with the mini excavators and skid steers. A valid driver's license isn't required to operate any of the machinery at this site. Click to book your Dig This! admission. Before taking control of any equipment, participants will be tested for alcoholic content with modern breathalyzers. Instructors with extensive construction experience provide various levels of training for all visitors. When you sit in the cabin, you'll maintain real-time communication with an instructor for safety and operational purposes.

Visiting Dig This!

Dig This! is located only minutes away from the iconic Las Vegas Strip. If you're coming from other parts of Las Vegas or Nevada, exits 39 and 40 will lead you to the venue. Free outdoor parking is accessible from Rigel Avenue, Rancho Drive and Meade Avenue. Public transportation in this part of Las Vegas is limited, so it's best to drive or hire a taxi for your visit. However, you could ride the 104 bus of the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) to various points along Valley View Boulevard. After getting off from this local bus service, you'll have to walk for just less than half a mile to reach the attraction.

Location: 3012 South Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89102

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3012 South Rancho Drive
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