Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Located in Henderson, Nevada, the Ethel M Chocolate Factory is a commercial facility that produces gourmet chocolates. This factory is open for walking tours that reveal all of the behind-the-scenes aspects of manufacturing sweet treats for the local market. Additionally, the factory is surrounded by the Cactus Garden, a beautiful botanical setting with hundreds of species of cacti. Click to book your Las Vegas tours.

Background and Facts

The delicious Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tasting Room
The delicious Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tasting Room
The Ethel M Chocolate company operates several stores at the McCarran International Airport, the primary airport in the Las Vegas metropolitan region. This business has its main factory in a commercial sector of Henderson. Ethel M Chocolate was established by Forrest Mars, who was inspired by the traditional culinary skills of his mother. In fact, most of the signature recipes that are used in the factory are derived from the work of Ethel Mars in the early 20th century. Click to book your Las Vegas tours.

Tours of the Factory

You can take a free, self-guided walking tour through the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. As you walk through designated aisles, you'll see workers produce fine pieces of chocolate for the retail market. Most of the production is dominated by advanced machines, but the chocolatiers still apply some personal touches to the sweet treats. The self-guided tours of the factory offer exciting opportunities to see delicious fillings inserted into various chocolate forms. Caramel, peanut butter, almonds, liquor and other rich ingredients are carefully mixed and integrated into candy that's covered in various grades of chocolate. The Ethel M Chocolate Factory also offers the Tasting Experience, which is an educational program that focuses on everything related to fine chocolate treats. During this class, you'll learn about all of the subtle details that define the brand's high-quality candy. The Tasting Experience is divided into the All Milk Chocolate, All Dark Chocolate, Nuts for Nuts, Happy Hour and more. You'll also get the chance to taste seasonal chocolates that are produced for holidays and special occasions.
The Cactus Garden at Ethel M Chocolate Factory
The Cactus Garden at Ethel M Chocolate Factory
After taking a tour of the factory, you could stroll through the Cactus Garden. As the name suggests, this urban oasis is lined with beautiful cacti that are native to the American Southwest and Mexico. This botanical paradise includes more than 300 species that define the natural beauty of deserts. Some of the cacti have been imported from Australia and South America. During the blooming seasons, you could admire the colourful flowers that pop out of the succulent plants. Keep in mind that the Cactus Garden doesn't offer much shade, so it's best to plan a visit in the morning or late afternoon hours.

Visiting Ethel M Chocolate Factory

The Ethel M Chocolate Factory is located on Cactus Garden Drive in Henderson, Nevada. Connecting the Las Vegas metropolitan area with more than 100 worldwide destinations, McCarran International Airport is conveniently situated just a few miles away from this factory. Finding a taxi, private shuttle or rental car at this major airport shouldn't be an issue. Interstate 515 and Interstate 215 are busy highways that run through the heart of Henderson and Las Vegas. Both of these highways are also connected to Interstate 15, which links Nevada with neighbouring states. RTC Transit operates several bus routes that stop near the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. You'll want to take the buses that run along Sunset Road and South Mountain Vista. When you arrive at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory by car, make sure to park in spots that are designated for visitors. After all, this is a commercial facility that has some parking spaces reserved for employees.

Location: Two Cactus Garden Drive, Henderson, Nevada, 89014

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Published On: 2016-11-15
Updated On: 2020-10-08

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