Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Installed in 1959, the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign is one of the most iconic attractions in Las Vegas, Nevada. This classic neon sign has appeared in countless movies, TV shows and advertisements. Capturing the ideal snapshot near the sign is a popular goal of anyone visiting Sin City. Dozens of hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are located just a short walk or drive away from the sign. Click to book your Las Vegas tours.

Background and History

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign Greets Visitors on the Las Vegas Strip
The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign greets visitors on the Las Vegas Strip
During the 1950's, dozens of neon signs popped up on the streets of Las Vegas, especially near the casinos and other related establishments. Merchant Ted Rogich wanted to create a neon sign that would serve as a recognizable point in Sin City. The ambitious salesperson hired architect Betty Mills to create a sign that would become one of the city's signature fixtures. At the time, the Googie style was prevalent in urban areas throughout the United States of America. This relatively new style was an offshoot of the modern and postmodern movements in art and design. Mills integrated elements of futurism and sharp geometry into the design of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign. For example, the sign's diamond shape was inspired by spacecraft. America was truly fascinated by aliens and other mysterious space motifs during the 1950's. Of course, the text font also has a distinct vintage appeal that embodies traditional Americana. Clark County, which encompasses most of the Las Vegas metro area, officially purchased the sign from Rogich. However, no copyrights or patents have been filed for the design of this famous fixture. Since gaining ownership of the installation, the municipal government has made numerous improvements and renovations as part of historical preservation. Click to buy your Las Vegas monorail pass.

Location and Directions

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign
The iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign was installed in 1959
The sign stands on a pedestrian-friendly median that divides Las Vegas Boulevard South. Despite having an official address in the community of Paradise, this iconic landmark unofficially marks the southern tip of the Las Vegas Strip. Some places of reference that are located near the sign include the Las Vegas Harley Davidson Shop and Bali Hai Golf Club. Public parking is limited near this attraction, so you're encouraged to take advantage of any public transportation services. The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) operates bus lines that stop near the sign. The SDX and DEUCE routes transport passengers between the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown. You can also hop on the 104 bus from various points outside of the Strip. A walk from the Four Seasons Hotel to the sign takes just less than 10 minutes. However, most of the other resorts on the Strip aren't located within a comfortable walking distance from the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. The Las Vegas Monorail station at the MGM Grand Resort is situated within 0.5 miles of this famous installation.

Visiting Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

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The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign is surrounded by well-maintained landscaping with local themes. Several palm trees and other succulent plants add aesthetic value to the grounds of this tourist attraction. The trails leading to the site have curved and meandering paths with turf and grassy surfaces. However, the immediate area surrounding the sign doesn't have benches and other amenities that you'd normally find in an urban square of green space. Ideally, most people simply visit the site to take a few selfies and other snapshots with the Strip in the background. Mind the long queues and don’t be surprised to find Elvis Presley and other impersonators offering to take a picture with you. If you find the right spot, you could capture some commercial jets flying over the sign. In fact, the runways at McCarran International Airport are clearly visible from this part of the Strip.

Location: Southern tip of the Las Vegas Strip

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Published On: 2018-10-05
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Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

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