Game History - Where the Games Began

Games go way back. For example, cards were first printed back in the 1400's. Mind you they were Tarot cards however the suits on those cards were divided into the different classes in society. Coins (which became diamonds) represented the merchant class, swords (which later became spades) were the suit of the nobility, clubs symbolized the serfs and cups (which later became hearts) stood for the church. Dice games go back even further to the 1100's when soldiers played to pass time.

Baccarat History

Games History
There are many words to describe the dramatic and exciting games that inhabit a casino, but elegant isn’t normally one of them. Baccarat is the exception to this rule. It is a game of prestige and elegance that often takes place in an exclusive area of the casino floor which is often roped off. The game gets its name from Italian slang for the word “zero” which is the value of face cards and tens in the game... read more

Bingo History

Bingo shares all the suspense and excitement of games like blackjack, roulette and other games of chance but its history couldn’t be more different than that of its casino counterparts. Once thought of as a game for senior citizens in church basements, bingo is now played by millions all over the world. It’s a game that is making a comeback because of the online casino industry and the many bingo halls that now feature a variety of games... read more

Blackjack History

Blackjack is one of the most dramatic games on any casino floor. It’s player vs. dealer - both trying to play as close to breaking point as possible without going over. It’s become one of if not the most popular card games in the world because it’s easy to understand and play as a beginner while also being complex enough that seasoned gamblers study statistical probabilities all for a chance to beat the casino... read more

Craps History

Rolling dice and betting on the outcome is one of the oldest forms of gambling. Though countless different dice games have existed over the past few hundred years, craps is the most popular dice game played today in casinos and private games across the United States. Craps is thought to have originated from the Old English game of “hazard” and a variation of the French "crabes." The basic premise of the game is that players bet money against the casino on the roll of two dice... read more

Keno History

The origins of keno begin in China. The lottery style game was introduced to North America by Chinese workers who played the game as a diversion from their day jobs building railroads. It’s an exciting and simple game which has been a part of gambling in Las Vegas since the early 1900's. Now, like many other games of chance formerly found only in casinos, keno has also become a staple of internet gambling sites where it is enjoyed by players from around the world... read more

Mahjong History

One clear fact about Mahjong’s history is that it began in China. However beyond that, its true origin remains a mystery. The game of Mahjong can be played with two people, known as Mahjong solitaire, or with four. It uses tiles and has remained a popular game through the years because it requires a combination of luck, intelligence, strategy, and skill... read more

Poker History

Without a doubt, poker is the world’s most popular card game. What other casino game has its own televised championship like the World Series of Poker and many other televised events. It’s also the most popular form on gambling online. Whether it’s in a casino, over the internet, a private game, or on a television near you, poker is everywhere... read more

Roulette History

Roulette is one of the most exciting and dramatic games on the casino floor. The croupier launches a ball around the edges of a spinning and multicoloured wheel while a table full of gamblers watch with hopes of where it will land... read more

Slots History

The casino experience is defined by the slot machine. Row after row of the bright blinking lights with the noisy spinning numbers and symbols scream out for you to sit down and play for a while. Slots are the favorite game of the casual gambler who just wants to have a bit of fun without risking too much money, while all the time hoping there is one lucky coin in their bucketful that will hit the jackpot... read more

Solitaire History

Throughout history the game of Solitaire has been one of the all time best ways to pass the time when you are all by yourself. It is and has been known by many names but the most popular are Solitaire and Patience. But whatever it may be called, the point is that it’s a game you play all by yourself... read more

Video Poker History

Video poker is a marriage between the strategy of poker with the bells and whistles of the slot machine. Because of this video poker really has two histories. The family tree of video poker begins with the game of poker itself, then includes the creation of the slot machine, and then leads to the fusion of the two in the 1970's. The history of the two distinct games created something new, and this new game has achieved great success in casinos... read more

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