Gene Woods Racing Experience Go-Kart

Located just south of the Las Vegas Strip, the Gene Woods Racing Experience Go-Kart offers thrilling rides for kids and adults. You can challenge friends and family members to high-speed races on a 3/8-mile track. As you make sharp turns and other rapid maneuvers, you might reach a maximum speed of 45 MPH on a high-performance go-kart. A rear-mounted motor and low exhaust system are some distinct mechanical configurations that guarantee optimum handling and power on the track. In business since 2013, this facility is easily accessible by car and RTC buses. Click to book your Go-Karting at Gene Woods Racing Experience.

Racing Rules and Tips Deals
Reservations for the Gene Woods Racing Experience Go-Kart are highly recommended, especially during the summer season. After picking up your reserved tickets, you'll have to view some basic instructional videos that focus on safety, handling techniques and other important issues. Height and weight restrictions might be strictly enforced if a participant can't safely sit and operate the mechanical components of a go-kart. Click to book your Go-Karting at Gene Woods Racing Experience. The single-seat go-karts are available in cool designs that accommodate kids and adults. Two-seat go-karts are also available upon request if you'd like to team up with a friend for a race. The purchase for a racing package includes a helmet, body suit, shoes and other essential accessories. A single race on the 3/8-mile track consists of at least a dozen laps. Skilled drivers could participate in the Monday Mayhem, which offers prize money for winners. From birthday parties to corporate team-building gatherings, Gene Woods Racing Experience Go-Kart accepts reservations for private group events. Solar glare could be a major issue on the track during the late morning and afternoon. It's highly recommended that you wear polarized sunglasses when you take a ride. You might also notice lots of commercial airplanes landing at and taking off from McCarran International Airport. You should wear earplugs to avoid any surprising noise bursts from the jets directly above the tracks. As you wait for your go-kart, you could check out some of the racing-themed decorations and memorabilia at the facility. For example, you'll see awesome motocross and stock racing exhibits in the main lobby. There are also some arcade games to keep kids busy during a long wait for a race.

Visiting Gene Woods Racing Experience Go-Kart

Situated near the intersection of East Sunset Road and South Las Vegas Boulevard, the Gene Woods Racing Experience Go-Kart is only minutes away from hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. This family-friendly attraction has plenty of free on-site parking in an outdoor lot. If you're coming from other parts of the Las Vegas area, Interstate 15 and Interstate 215 will lead you to this racing venue. The South Strip Transfer Terminal is conveniently located within walking distance of the go-kart tracks. Located just off Gilepsie Street, this transit hub is served by the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) 104, 109, 122, 212 and 217 bus routes. Additional bus service is available at the neighboring Town Square Las Vegas. For example, the DEUCE line stops at this upscale retail center that includes shops and restaurants. This route picks up and drops off passengers near major resorts on the Strip. Additionally, the McCarran Rent-a-Car Center is another major transportation facility that's located just a few blocks away from the racing facility. Of course, you'll also notice that the go-kart venue overlooks the runways and terminals of McCarran International Airport. Free shuttles operate between the off-site car rental complex and some of the terminal buildings at the airport.

Location: 121 East Sunset Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89119

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121 East Sunset Road

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