Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

Centrally located in Las Vegas, NV, the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is one of the most famous establishments of its kind in North America. This family-owned business has enjoyed a successful run on the History Channel's Pawn Stars TV show. Some of the shop's most popular items include antiques, art, collectibles, coins and jewellery. Click to book Pawn Stars VIP Tour.

Television Show Deals
In the summer of 2009, Pawn Stars made its television debut on the History Channel. The leading cast members of this reality TV series include Rick Harrison and his father, simply known as the "The Old Man." Rick's son, Corey, is nicknamed "The Hoss" on the show. Although not related to the Harrison family, Austin "Chumlee" Russell has been one of the stars of the show. Responsible for daily operations at the shop, Chumlee has been Corey's close friend since childhood. Click to book Pawn Stars VIP Tour. Throughout the seasons, Pawn Stars has featured dozens of experts who have been called in to appraise rare items. These professionals verify the authenticity of coins, jewellery, artwork, firearms, autographed memorabilia and other precious items that are typically sold in private auctions. In terms of viewing ratings, Pawn Stars has been one of the most successful shows on the History Channel. By the summer of 2018, the popular program entered its 15th season. In June 2018, "The Old Man" passed away at the age of 77. The shop's original founder left behind a great legacy in Las Vegas and television.

Items for Sale

The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop has a large selection of unique items that you probably won't find in modern shopping malls and boutiques in North America. Some of the coins that are available for sale date back to ancient times in Greece, Egypt and other regions with thriving civilizations. Of course, this retailer also boasts a large collection of coins and paper notes that have been issued by the United States of America. All of the rare coins on display have been fully certified and graded by experts in numismatics. From diamond rings and gold necklaces, you can also buy dazzling jewellery from this famous pawn shop. History buffs will love the antiques that are available for sale at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. This dealer has an extensive collection of firearms from various eras in American history, such as the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Muskets, bayonets, pistols and daggers are among the many items that you'll find in the antique weapons section. Vintage toys dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries are some other popular products that are carried by this pawn shop. You may also purchase early models of consumer goods that have been flooding the American markets since the Industrial Revolution. The collectibles section at this store includes comics books, sports memorabilia, autographed vinyl discs, rare books and other media publications that have defined mainstream American culture. From portraits and landscape scenes to posters and animated illustrations, the Fine art collection includes a wide range of genres.

Visiting Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is conveniently located between the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. An outdoor parking lot is accessible from the busy South Las Vegas Boulevard, which directly links the city's two major districts. You can also get to the shop by taking bus route 451 or the DEUCE of the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada.

Location: 713 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89101

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713 South Las Vegas Boulevard

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