Grand Canyon

Attracting more than six million annual visitors, the Grand Canyon is one of America's natural gems. Located in Arizona, this national park offers plenty of exciting outdoor adventures, including hiking, camping, biking and rafting. From the American Bison to the Bald Eagle, you might also see flagship animals in protected habitats. Click to book your Grand Canyon tours.

Facilities and Amenities

Sunrise at Grand Canyon's North Rim
Sunrise at Grand Canyon North Rim
The Grand Canyon Visitor Center is connected to the Yavapai Geology Museum by the Rim Trail. This museum features educational exhibits on the ancient local landscape. You'll learn about the different rock layers through 3-D presentations, photos and other illustrations. As you follow the Rim Trail westward, you'll see the Verkamp's Visitor Center, Hopi House, Kolb Studio and El Tovar Hotel. These facilities are part of the Village, which is the most commercialized area in the park. Click to book your Grand Canyon tours. The Backountry Information Center and Maswik Lodge are located just south of the Village. Additionally, the Rim Trail terminates at Hermits Rest. Located east of the Village, Market Plaza is an ideal spot for stocking up on groceries and other essential items for your adventures on the canyon.

Hiking and Recreation

Having partially paved paths in its 13-mile stretch, the Rim Trail is one of the most popular trails in the Grand Canyon. The hike along this relatively flat terrain is easy to moderate for the average visitor. Having a much steeper layout, the Bright Angel Trail offers challenging adventures for experienced hikers. The elevation changes by more than 3,000 feet in some parts of the trail. Additionally, the South Kaibab Trail is another major trail that runs through the South Rim. Bright Angel Point is perhaps the easiest trail that's located in the North Rim. A roundtrip on the Widforss Trail might take up to six hours. Spanning approximately four miles, the North Kaibab Trail partially cuts through forest. Rafting on the Colorado River is another popular activity at this national landmark. Mountain biking and mule tours are some great options for exploring the slopes of the stunning landscapes. While exploring the vast terrains, visitors might encounter fascinating wildlife, such as the American Bison, elk and Bighorn Sheep. An elusive predator, the Mountain Lion is one of the largest animals in the park. Some reptiles that are native to the area include the Gila Monster, Tree Lizard, Sonoran Gopher Snake and Glossy Snake. Hundreds of bird species also soar above the canyon, including the Prairie Falcon, American Kestrel and Bald Eagle.

Visiting Grand Canyon Deals
The Grand Canyon cuts through approximately 280 miles in northwestern Arizona. It takes just about four hours to drive from the Las Vegas area to this national landmark. Interstate 15 leads to the North Rim, which is a region that covers the northern bank of the Colorado River. Interstate 40 will take you to the South Rim, which runs along the southern bank of the Colorado River. The official visitor centre and the Village are located in the South Rim. If you'd like to skip a long drive, reserve a flight that's operated by Grand Canyon Airlines. This small carrier offers express service between Boulder City, NV, and Tusayan, AZ. Located only minutes away from the visitor centre, the airport at Tusayan also offers airplane and helicopter tours of the local area. Operating on a seasonal schedule, the Transcanyon Shuttle offers service between the North Rim and South Rim. A free shuttle bus also stops at the major points in the South Rim.

Location: Cuts through approximately 280 miles in northwestern Arizona, Nevada, USA

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Grand Canyon

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