M&M's World Las Vegas

Situated on the Las Vegas Strip, M&M's World Las Vegas is a flagship store for one of the world's top candy brands. Covering 28,000 sq feet on four floors, this shop has a huge selection of delicious chocolate treats. You'll also find lots of souvenirs and gifts in this popular retail venue that bursts with color and fun. Click to book your Las Vegas tours.

Candy and Products

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The first level at M&M's World Las Vegas includes a large selection of souvenirs. You can personalize some of the colorful gifts with traditional Las Vegas themes. From jewelry and accessories to ID tags and mugs, this part of the store has plenty of cool products for all ages and personalities. Click to buy your Las Vegas monorail pass. The M&M's Candy Wall welcomes visitors to the second floor of the building. This dazzling wall is decorated with more than 20 different colors that are available for the company's signature candy. Dispensers make it easy to stock up on your favorite chocolate treats that have legendary status worldwide. Apparel and accessories are some other souvenirs that are sold on the second floor. The third level of the shop has a wide selection of toys, games and stationery for sale. Drinkware and home decor with the brand's logos are also sold on this floor. You can use the My M&M's Personalized Printer to create a truly special package of delicious chocolate products. This commercial-quality printer produces up to two lines of text on each piece of candy. For instance, you could print your name on the outer shells of your favorite M&M's delights. The top floor of M&M's World Las Vegas has an exhibit that's dedicated to NASCAR. For example, you'll see a full-size racing car that's covered with the company's signature logos and other graphics. The Holiday Shop is also open on the fourth floor of this candy wonderland. Have you ever sipped champagne with chocolate candy? Well, this venue offers the perfect opportunity to try such an interesting combination. Colorful chocolate pieces are beautifully inserted into the champagne bottles that are sold at the store. As you browse the four levels of this flagship candy shop, you'll embrace the company's popular mascots. The oval-shaped Yellow and perfectly round Red are displayed on nearly every corner of the shop. Wearing high heels, the beautiful Green is another character that you'll see on some of the products and decorations. Also wearing high heels and sophisticated glasses, Ms. Brown is a familiar face for M&M's fans.

Visiting M&M's World Las Vegas

Located at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Park Avenue, M&M's World Las Vegas is easily accessible by several modes of transportation. Running northbound on the busy Las Vegas Strip, the SDX and DEUCE buses drop off and pick up passengers just steps away from the candy store, which is surrounded by the massive MGM Grand Hotel. Some other major resorts that are within walking distance from the shop include the Park MGM Las Vegas, New York-New York and ARIA. The Las Vegas Monorail MGM Grand Station is also located just a few blocks away from the attraction. In fact, this stop is the southern terminal of the monorail line that runs through the Strip. Additionally, the ARIA Express tram service is available in the southern tip of the Strip. If you're driving to the candy shop by car, you could park in a multi-level garage that's reserved for the Showcase Mall. A covered pedestrian bridge links the parking facility with several adjacent buildings on both sides of Park Avenue.

Location: Showcase Mall, 3785 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89109

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Published On: 2019-01-03
Updated On: 2020-01-03

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3785 South Las Vegas Boulevard

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