National Atomic Testing Museum

Centrally located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the National Atomic Testing Museum has a growing collection of more than 16,000 artifacts relating to American nuclear history. You don't have to be a scientist to appreciate the sophisticated technology of atomic energy and weapons in the United States.

Some of the museum's top items on display include nuclear bombs, radiation detectors, protective bodysuits and vintage memorabilia from the peak of the Cold War. Having some support from the Smithsonian Institution, this attraction has gained widespread recognition on a national scale. Various branches of the military and government also provide resources and support to this venue that educates the public about nuclear weapons. Click to book National Atomic Testing Museum admission ticket.

Exhibits and Collections Deals
Several permanent exhibits are installed at the National Atomic Testing Museum. You're encouraged to begin your visit at the Ground Zero Theater, which simulates an atomic test. This contemporary theater will inspire you to proceed to the Atmospheric Testing Experience, which is based on the actual experiments that were done at the Nevada Test Site. Click to book National Atomic Testing Museum admission ticket. An entire exhibit is also dedicated to radiation-measuring devices, such as classic Geiger counters. The Underground mimics the settings of the original sites that were used for nuclear testing in the deserts of Nevada. Additionally, the Atomic Culture gallery highlights some mainstream aspects of American life at the height of the Atomic Age. Most of the artifacts at this exhibit focus on the nuclear arms race between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. Combining facts with some elements of science fiction, Area 51 is another permanent installation at this museum. This gallery includes some alien-themed content that has fascinated Americans for generations. Nevertheless, the exhibits provide more scientific facts rather than unverified stories of UFOs and extraterrestrial entities. Some of the most impressive artifacts at this attraction include nuclear bombs and other equipment related to America's atomic arsenal. You'll also see models and prototypes of nuclear weapons that were developed, stockpiled and dismantled over the years. Thousands of photographs and declassified documents are on view at the on-site library. You can also watch DVDs and other multimedia productions on nuclear testing worldwide. Some of the galleries at the museum have strong links to the United States Atomic Energy Commission, which managed the nation's nuclear programs for decades. The National Atomic Testing Museum also has several installations that focus on other aspects of American politics, military and technology. For example, Trench Art was a temporary exhibit on trench warfare during World War I. Organized by the Smithsonian, At the Controls covered early aviation history of the country. As the name suggests, the World Trade Center Exhibit is dedicated to the people who perished in the WTC towers during the September 11th attacks.

Visiting National Atomic Testing Museum

The National Atomic Testing Museum is located just a few blocks away from the famous Las Vegas Strip. Standing on the busy Flamingo Road, this attraction offers free parking in an outdoor lot. Part of the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) network, the 202 bus can drop you off near the museum. This local transit service runs eastbound and westbound on Flamingo Road. Running on Swenson Street, the RTC 108 bus also stops within walking distance of the venue. This route primarily serves students and staff at the neighboring campus of University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Additionally, the museum is located less than a mile away from McCarran International Airport.

Location: 755 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89119

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755 East Flamingo Road

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