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The Neon Museum is a local attraction in Las Vegas that's located at 770 Las Vegas Blvd North. The museum is set within the Cultural Corridor and was founded back in 1996. This non-profit location operates as a museum and an art installation for many of the neon signs that have found their way to the exhibition in Las Vegas over the many years that the city has been a teeming destination for all things bright and flashy. It’s an excellent stop for tourists or locals who want a break from casinos to take in a little bit of culture and history.

The Museum

The Neon Museum
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A trip to The Neon Museum entails a visit to the Cultural Corridor in Las Vegas, which is home to a variety of different museums and art exhibits. Parking in the area isn't as difficult as down on the Strip, but tourists are still advised to catch a cab or an Uber to avoid hassle and parking fees. There is free parking at the Neon Museum, but it fills up quickly on busy days. Once at the location, visitors will be able to take in all of the sights of the Neon Museum Campus. From the outside looking in The Neon Museum looks like a massive, sprawling art exhibit that takes parts of Las Vegas' history and puts them on display. Visitors will be able to traverse two acres of history to look at over 260 different neon signs from throughout the ages. There are two sections to The Neon Museum: the Neon Boneyard Park and the Boneyard itself. The Neon Boneyard Park is the primary attraction as it spans two full acres and houses nearly 200 neon signs on display. You'll find signs from The Golden Nugget, Stardust, Horseshoe and Caesars Palace. The Boneyard is the outdoor walking path that leads you through some of the bigger signs around. Visitors can look at the signs up close, and they can also look at them from underneath. There are guided tours available for rent, but they are at the whims of the weather. The Neon Museum is an outdoor attraction and as such storms can cause trip cancellations. There are night tours where visitors can see all of the signs lit up and on display as well as daytime tours. Visitors should note that night tours are better for older children because there are giant signs made with rusty metal that you will be inspecting.

Events Deals
The Neon Museum is home to more than just the attractions. The museum works hand in hand with the local community to host a variety of different events around the calendar. These range in style and expense, so there is always something going on for the whole family. Currently, on the calendar visitors can go for a day of Hot Yoga at the Neon Museum. The museum also hosts bus tours around the city for tourists to see all of the current neon signs that are up and running in town. Events start out at the Neon Museum campus before taking to the road. Finally, guests who really take a shine to the beautiful art at The Neon Museum can book the building for a private photoshoot. This is a popular location for press campaigns, weddings, and fun group photos for bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Visiting Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is located within walking distance of Fremont Street which puts it right up against a wealth of different sorts of activities. Fremont Street is filled with great dining, big-budget attractions, and top of the line entertainment. The Neon Museum is located in the Cultural Corridor as well which means there are a variety of other museums to visit nearby.

Location: 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North, Downtown Las Vegas, NV 89101

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Published On: 2016-11-15
Updated On: 2020-04-01

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