Nevada State Railroad Museum - Boulder City

Situated in nearby Boulder City, Nevada, the Nevada State Railroad Museum displays historic trains and other rail equipment. You'll see operational and static locomotives at this attraction that's located south of Las Vegas. Weekend forty-minute excursion trips are available for purchase on heritage trains that follow historic rail routes. Exhibits are open 7 days a week, except for certain holidays. Most of the exhibits emphasize the important role that the rail industry played in the construction of the Hoover Dam and growth of Boulder City. Click to visit the Nevada State Railroad Museum - Boulder City official website for times and special events or their Facebook page: Friends of the Nevada Southern Railway.

Locomotives and Equipment

Nevada State Railroad Museum - Boulder City
Photographer: Frank Carroll
The Nevada State Railroad Museum displays various trains that were in service in the state during the early 20th century. Some of the venue's operational locomotives have been refurbished and renovated according to their original design. For example, the Locomotive 844 GP-30 includes a restored V-16 engine block that generates well over 2,200 hp. The Locomotive 1855 has the Fairbanks-Morse design from the 1950's. Powered by diesel, this model was used by the Army Transportation Corps for various logistical operations. Some other operational trains at the museum include the GE 80 and NW2. If you're interested in the technical specifications of each model, you'll easily find information on the powertrain, brakes and other systems on the museum website. The Davenport and GE-25 Ton are some models that are featured in the static display. You'll also see several classic steam locomotives that epitomize the glorious rail era of the Wild West. For example, the NSRM 6246 Steam has the Baldwin-Built Harriman design from the early 20th century. This heavy-duty locomotive was operated by the Union Pacific Railroad. Additionally, the museum has a special exhibit with model railroads. You can explore the miniature trains inside a historic UP Chair Car that was built in 1914. The exterior of this train car is decorated with the Los Angeles & Salt Lake historic branding.

Tours and Rides

The Nevada State Railroad Museum offers several exciting tours that are based on historic routes. Private events are available for reservation through the Charter the Train package. Groups will enjoy a fascinating 4-mile trip on tracks that once accommodated trains on the Boulder Branch Line. This line was built specifically to facilitate the construction of the Hoover Dam, which was originally named the Boulder Dam. The trains that are operated by the museum include various modern amenities, such as climate-controlled cabins. Passengers will enjoy panoramic views of scenic sites in the Mojave Desert as they relive the history of the Union Pacific Railroad. Renovated for modern trips, the Pullman coaches still retain their vintage charm. Approximately 200 passengers can board the museum's train for a single trip. If you're interested in exploring the mechanics of locomotives, take a ride in the cab with a certified railroad engineer. Due to government regulations, only a few individuals are permitted to simultaneously be inside the cabin of an operational train. The cab lacks climate control, so you should prepare to withstand the Nevada heat during your tour.

Visiting Nevada State Railroad Museum - Boulder City

Located in Boulder City, the Nevada State Railroad Museum is a popular stop for tourists traveling between Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. You can take the Boulder City Parkway to reach the museum from the surrounding cities. The museum has a free outdoor parking lot that's situated at the intersection of railroad tracks and Yucca Street. The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) HDX bus stops within walking distance of the attraction. This route links Boulder City with the neighboring city of Henderson. Transfers to other RTC buses are available at various points in Henderson.

Location: 601 Yucca Street, Boulder City, Nevada, USA, 89005

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601 Yucca Street, Boulder City

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