Springs Preserve

Situated on 180 acres just west of Downtown Las Vegas, the Springs Preserve is a family-oriented attraction that celebrates nature and history. This property includes several museums, a botanical garden, butterfly sanctuary, nature trails and other attractions. Free parking is available at the grounds, which are also accessible by several RTC buses. Click to book your Springs Preserve admission .


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The Nevada State Museum is a focal point at the Springs Preserve. Housed inside a contemporary building with a total floor space of 70,000 sq feet, the museum presents the natural and human history of the region. More than 13,000 sq feet is dedicated to permanent and temporary exhibits at this state-operated cultural center. Click to book your Springs Preserve admission . As you browse the galleries, you'll see full-size replicas of prehistoric fossils and some original remains of extinct creatures. Holographic presentations cover the history of mining in Nevada and the American Southwest. You'll also learn about secret atomic tests that occurred in the deserts of the state. Of course, the history of the glamorous Las Vegas is also covered by the museum. Located just steps away from the Nevada State Museum, the Origen Museum features more than 70 exhibits with local themes. You can discover the stories of early pioneers who settled the Las Vegas Valley in the 19th century. There are various installations that simulate the manual-operated technology that was used in households and industries in that era. The Origen Museum also hosts reptiles and other creatures at the Living Collections. Additionally, an indoor theater presents multimedia presentations of Nevada's rich natural history and anthropology.


The Butterfly Habitat at the Springs Preserve is a sanctuary that's home to numerous butterfly species, such as the Painted Lady, Monarch, Tropical Blue Wave and Banded Orange Longwing. Most of the residents are native to Central America and South America. The Red Postman, Cydno Longwing and Giant Owl are some examples of such exotic species. The experienced staff members at the habitat will give you tips on attracting the stunning butterflies at the habitat and in your backyard. You'll learn about the specific nectar plants that feed butterflies throughout Nevada and the United States. The botanical garden at the Springs Preserve is an oasis-like paradise in the heart of urban Las Vegas. Of course, succulents and cacti dominate the landscape at this attraction. You'll see various plant species that grow in the Mojave Desert and other regions of the American Southwest or Mexico. The Nevada Agave, Cottontop Cactus, Chaparral Yucca and Seashore Pricklypear are among the dozens of plants that are on display at Cactus Alley. There are also gardens that are lined with roses, herbs, vegetables, palm trees and flowers. The Wildlife Garden usually attracts beautiful hummingbirds and other colorful birds. Additionally, the preserve has more than 3.5 miles of hiking trails in the Natural Area.

Visiting Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is located on South Valley View Boulevard in northwestern Las Vegas. You can get to this busy boulevard by taking the Oran K. Gragson Freeway, which merges with Interstate 15 and Interstate 515 in Downtown Las Vegas. The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) bus route 115 stops near the main entrance of the preserve. Running on Alta Drive, the bus line 207 can drop you off near the southern tip of the grounds. The preserve has free outdoor parking near the Butterfly Habitat and Nevada State Museum. Some of the parking spaces have port-style roofs that provide some shade for parked vehicles. On rare occasions, you might need to park your vehicle in lots at the neighboring Meadows Mall, a major shopping center with over 100 retailers.

Location: 333 South Valley View Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89107

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333 South Valley View Boulevard
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