The Aquarium

The Aquarium

In their bid to lure visitors, Las Vegas hotel and casino complexes will go all out in building extraordinary features and attractions. The Silverton Casino Hotel has outdone itself with the opening of a new aquarium complex that has been cleverly integrated into its gaming lounge and restaurant. There are several tanks, containing some of the most beautiful fish in the world, for visitors to view and the best news is that all this comes free of charge!

When visiting this complex, one’s first stop should undoubtedly be at the 117,000 (!) gallon artificial reef aquarium. This tank is designed in an octagonal shape to provide ideal viewing opportunities from all angles. The main window (reportedly the largest piece of curved acrylic in the United States) spans an impressive 25 ‘ x 12 ‘. More than four thousand tropical fish call this aquarium their home and visitors should look out for several sharks from three species and no less than three species of stingrays.

Ever dreamt of communicating with divers as they make their way into the depths of an aquarium to feed their charges? At the Silverton Aquarium, visitors are given the opportunity to do just that. Three times a day (1.30 pm, 4.30 pm and 7.30 pm), a staff member donning a full face communication mask will feed the animals, all the while communicating with spectators as they watch what he or she is doing. Being an interactive show, visitors are able to ask these divers any questions that come to mind, including more details about the fish they are feeding and other interesting facts. As marine biologists, they divers are able to provide the right kind of information and make the visit more educational.

This is not the end of the water features in the casino, however. The next stop is the Bass Pro Shop that is home to no less than three freshwater aquariums. On the way to the shop, visitors will cross a magnificent 18,000 gallon water feature, that recalls the beautiful rock formations of the Grand Canyon and is home to 100 rare Koi fish.

The first aquarium within the Bass Pro Shop is a rapid flowing fresh water canyon feature that holds 28,000 gallons of water and is home to several species of ducks, as well as turtles, bluegills and sturgeons. The second aquarium represents the water cycle of a typical Nevada spring, including the ideal spawning conditions for local trout. Finally, the third aquarium depicts a Nevada lake in no less than 20,000 gallons of water and is home to carp, bass and other giant sized fish.

A visit to the Silverton’s popular Mermaid’s Lounge will have visitors stop dead in the tracks as they view the amazing LED lit 500 gallon aquariums that display jellyfish in the most remarkable way imaginable. The graceful movement of these creatures, combined with the unique lighting in the two tanks can only be described as hypnotic.

The Silverton Casino’s new aquarium complex is definitely worth a visit, not only because it doesn’t cost anything to do so, but also because the displays are so unique.

The Aquarium

Silverton Casino Hotel
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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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