Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Located inside the Luxor Hotel, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is one of the most visited attractions on the Las Vegas Strip. As the name suggests, this venue presents the story of the iconic RMS Titanic, a passenger ocean liner that surprisingly sank in 1912. This exhibition includes more than 200 items that were successfully recovered from the wreck site of the massive ship. Click to book Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition admission ticket.

Features and Highlights

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As you enter Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, you'll receive a replica boarding pass with authentic data from the famous RMS Titanic. This document contains detailed information on one of the passengers who were on board the iconic ocean liner. At the end of the exhibit, you'll encounter a memorial wall that lists the names of all the perished individuals and survivors of the voyage. If you're up for the challenge, try to look for the name that's listed on your boarding pass. Click to book Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition admission ticket. Covering approximately 25,000 sq feet of floor space, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition includes hundreds of genuine items that were found from the sunken ship. Silverware, plates, and liquor bottles are some of the ordinary items that are on display. Jewellery and other valuable accessories from the wreck site are included in the galleries. You'll also get an opportunity to enter a replica first-class room that's furnished with premium amenities, such as elegant period furniture. Perhaps the most prominent feature of Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is the Grand Staircase that's been meticulously recreated to resemble the original installation on board the Titanic. At the Promenade Deck, you could relive the moments just before the massive ocean liner struck and iceberg and sank. In fact, this part of the exhibition is purposefully kept at freezing temperatures to replicate the weather conditions of the tragic night of the sinking. Most of the original items at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition are fragile and sensitive, so photography of any kind is not allowed. The artefacts are also kept behind thick glass enclosures to prevent deterioration. However, some pieces of the deck, hull and other components of the ocean liner are displayed without any protective layers. A scaled-down model of the RMS Titanic is another prominent feature at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. You'll also find a model of the sunken ocean liner in a state of decay.

Visiting Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Shaped like an ancient Egyptian pyramid, the Luxor Hotel and Casino is home to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. This luxury resort lines the famous Las Vegas Strip. Reno Avenue and Mandalay Bay Road offer access to various facilities of the hotel, including the parking garages and lots. The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada runs multiple bus routes along the busy Las Vegas Strip. Some of the buses stop near the main entrance to the Luxor and other nearby resorts. If you're staying at the Mandalay Bay or Excalibur, you could take a tram directly to the Luxor. However, this short tram network is actually not part of the much larger Las Vegas Monorail system. The monorail is a rapid transit infrastructure that runs just east of the Las Vegas Boulevard. The MGM Grand monorail station is located just a few blocks away from the Luxor. Considered the busiest airport in Nevada, McCarran International Airport is situated less than a mile away from this hotel. The 24-hour concierge at this resort will gladly set up ground transportation services, including taxis, shuttles, Uber cars and limousines.

Location: Luxor Las Vegas at 3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89119

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