Valley of Fire State Park

Situated north of Las Vegas, Valley of Fire State Park is a natural landmark that's open for hiking, camping and other outdoor adventures. Massive canyons with red sandstone dominate the scene at this 46,000-acre state park. You might also see ancient petroglyphs and elusive wildlife throughout the grounds. Each passenger vehicle entering this scenic park is subject to a daily fee. Click to book A Valley of Fire Tour.

Trails Deals
Valley of Fire State Park has an extensive network of trails that cut through scenic canyons. Each trail is rated according to several standard parameters that give you a sense of the challenging conditions. Before you go on a lengthy hike, it's important to understand the grade, cross slope, tread width and surface type. Click to book A Valley of Fire Tour. Don't be fooled by the short length of some trails that have extremely steep layouts. For example, the Balancing Rock Trail extends for only 0.1 miles, but it has a typical grade of more than 11 percent. Some of the longest paths at the park include the Old Arrowhead, Prospect, Charlie's Spring and Pinnacles Loop. The visitor center's provides detailed information on the surface of each trail throughout the park. For instance, the Balancing Rock Trail is primarily covered in crushed rock. Natural Arches and Rainbow Vista consist of mostly sand. Staff members will explain the stability and firmness of each surface to warn hikers of potential hazards. Some wild animals that are native to the park include the jackrabbit and kit fox. As you navigate the serpentine-style trails, you'll see several common cacti and other plant species, like the indigo bush. A desert tortoise might be hiding in the sparse shade under rocks and other natural geologic formations of this park.

Facilities and Amenities

As you explore the stunning landscapes at Valley of Fire State Park, you'll have access to basic amenities in the wilderness. One of the most visited points in the park, the White Domes Loops has covered restrooms, picnic areas, cellphone towers and parking lots. Similar facilities are available near the intersection of the Natural Arches Trail and Old Arrowhead Road. This area near the Clark Memorial is also ideal for equestrian access. Overnight camping is available at the Arch Rock and Atlatl Rock campgrounds, which are separated by canyons. Reservations aren't required for these campsites that can accommodate just more than 70 total RVs. Overnight and utility fees are charged for each camping site that's occupied by a visitor or representative of a group.

Visiting Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park occupies more than 45,000 acres near the northwestern head of Lake Mead in Nevada. Interstate 15 accommodates drivers traveling between this natural attraction and the Las Vegas metropolitan area. A drive from Sin City and the park normally takes one hour on this major highway that runs through the southern region of Nevada. Exit 75 on I-15 leads to the Valley of Fire Highway, which has a meandering layout with a reduced speed limit. The visitor's center is located near the intersection of this highway and Mouse's Tank Road. Limited parking for passenger cars is available in the small lot that's within walking distance of the center. Additionally, a secondary parking lot is designated only for recreational vehicles and buses. Mouse's Tank Road leads to some of the most fascinating sites in the park, including the White Domes Trail. This road also splits into Fire Canyon Road, which has a parking lot that overlooks the famous Fire Canyon.

Location:50 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Valley of Fire State Park

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