Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency

Situated inside a famous Las Vegas hotel the MGM Grand Hotel, Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency is a next-generation gaming experience. Supporting free-roaming gaming in a warehouse, this attraction offers immersive multiplayer action. Players have to carry an advanced headset, computer pack, controller and headphone. Click to book your Las Vegas show tickets.

Gaming Experience and Technology

Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency
Photo Credit: MGM Resorts International
Up to eight people could simultaneously participate in Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency. Covering approximately 2,000 sq feet of floor space, the warehouse-style setting has an open layout without walls and other barriers. This design makes it easy to roam the grounds without bumping into physical obstacles. Each person uses cutting-edge electronic technology to enjoy the virtual gaming experience in real time. Click to book your Las Vegas show tickets. Shaped like a powerful weapon from a science fiction movie, the main controller must be held by the player at all times. The physical trigger on the gun-like controller activates the shooting in the virtual game. Having the OSVR HDK2 design, the VR headset is another essential tool that's used in this immersive experience. Having goggles that fit properly over the eyes, this cutting-edge device generates crisp graphics in 2K resolution. The signature Razer headphones also produce high-quality acoustics with realistic effects. Having a design that's inspired by the military, a backpack must also be worn by each player at Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency. Running on the latest Alienware software, a gaming computer is integrated into the backpack. The computer optimizes the syncing of the graphics and sounds in real time as players complete missions.

Games and Missions

Lasting Zombie Survival at Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency involves an invasion by grotesque zombies in an apocalyptic setting. You and fellow teammates will have to use powerful weapons to destroy these intimidating foes. Having rapid-fire capabilities, an assault rifle is highly recommended for this game, which lasts approximately 15 minutes. You can also use a shotgun to take out individual zombies. Outbreak Origins is another game that features zombies with evil intentions. A virus infects entire populations of cities, and your mission is to save mankind. You can use assault rifles and sniper rifles to take out the roaming zombies in urban settings. This game ends with a final battle against a tough boss who commands the armies of half-living creatures. If you're interested in solving scientific and mathematical puzzles, then play the colorful and non-violent Engineerium game. Aliens and gravity-defying settings are some of the unique features in this game that truly challenges the mind. Based in a military research facility, Singularity is another game that's available at this entertainment venue.

Visiting Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency

Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency is located inside the West Wing of the MGM Grand, one of the premier resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. This attraction is part of the Level Up gallery that combines nightlife with entertainment for adults. Several pedestrian bridges connect the West Wing with adjacent resorts. For example, you can walk directly between the MGM Grand and New York-New York on a bridge that crosses Las Vegas Boulevard. Rising above Tropicana Avenue, a pedestrian bridge links the MGM Grand with the Tropicana Hotel. Heading northbound on the Strip, the Regional Transportation Commission's SDX and DEUCE buses stop just steps away from the West Wing. The massive MGM Grand also has its own station on the Las Vegas Monorail line. Indoor parking is available at this iconic resort that occupies several blocks on the Strip. Valet parking is offered near the main entrance just off Tropicana Avenue and Audrie Street.

Location: Level Up inside MGM Grand at 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89109

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Published On: 2019-01-08
Updated On: 2020-01-08

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